Start With The Street!

A movement to connect you with your neighbours on your street… for support during this #CovidChaos and to strengthen the community on your street in general.

If you haven’t leafleted your neighbourhood already, we’ve made it easy for you… download our flyer to print and distribute to your neighbours on your street.

Your community:
Our aim…

Start With The Street! is a movement to connect people within communities, and in particular within their street, in a way that will make a tangible, practical difference in their lives. In the current crisis this is essential, but the vision is far wider than this.


Start With The Street! is for EVERYONE… not just for those with internet access.

Our aim is to encourage and provide a recipe for neighbours on the same street to connect and start chatting with each other, and to help you identify the vulnerable and elderly people on your street, and those who aren’t online, to offer them support so that they know there are people living on their street that they can turn to and contact in times of need.

… and to make it easy for you to connect

There are currently people all over the country and further afield, scrabbling around in an effort to connect with their communities to offer and ask for support, through WhatsApp groups, Facebooks, on the Nextdoor app etc. But much of this is haphazard and leaves people out, or is across wider local communities, which poses practicalities such as a longer drive to drop some groceries, or not knowing whether you can trust an offer of help as you don’t actually know the person.

Start With The Street’s current #ViralKindness mission and model provides a solution to those issues and more, with a blanket, inclusive approach, hopefully far and wide, with ready made resources for you to download and print.

Maybe you have already done a leaflet drop on you street – if so, well done you! Maybe you already have a WhatsApp group for this purpose, which includes a few people you already know. That’s a great start… why not expand it and take advantage of our ready-made flyer and leaflet the other people on your street and start growing your group?

On this site you will also find all things Covid-related:

First, start with this…

Strengthen the community on your street!

We have created a downloadable flyer that you can print and distribute on your street, and step-by-step instructions as to how you can build and strengthen the community on your street, create an online group using WhatsApp (or whatever other social networking platform is popular in you area) and identify where the elderly and vulnerable people are on your street.

We can then take care of each other in simple, manageable, trusting communities within our street.

People love to be connected! Read what people are saying about being part of their Start With The Street! group here.

Do it! Do it now!! What are you waiting for..?!

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We plan to make this idea to connect you with your neighbours go #viralagainstthevirus so please spread our web address far and wide!

We are continually developing and adding to the site, so please keep checking back for new content…