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To contact the Start With The Street! movement please contact us via:

Twitter: @_viralkindness #startwiththestreet

Contribute to our site!

We’d love to hear all about your ideas and add your information to our website – to make it even better. We will constantly be adding to this site, so if you have any resources you would like to add to this site, for example:

then please email them to

How did this idea come about?

This idea started on a street in Bristol, when a resident set up a WhatsApp group for his neighbours. They started chatting and laughing and offering support and then another resident with a previous desire and vision for connecting people in their communities in a tangible way thought it was a great idea and that everyone should be doing it. So she set up other groups for streets in her community, added people, watched them start to take off as well, and thought it was worth putting some time and energy into developing the idea on a far larger scale – to go #ViralAgainstTheVirus ! She chose a name, bought the domain, got a friend to host the website, wrote some text, asked a design contact if she would help out with logo and flyer design (many thanks to Penny at MammalCreate in Bristol!), set up some social media accounts and then set to work on promoting her vision.