National organisations doing their bit

Organisations and charities offering something to make our lives just a little happier…

Here are some organisations and charities advertising the great services they are offering to bring some sunshine into our lives… (more to follow)

From The National Trust:

‘At this time of everything closing the National Trust have agreed to remove all pay barriers from National Trust parks and Gardens. This is in response to do what we can for everyone at this time to support social distancing and the need to be outside in nature for our own mental wellbeing. It will mean that all the grounds behind pay barriers will now be open for everyone. In addition all carparking chargers will be removed. You can enjoy the open space and keep your social distance as per the government advice. 

We will however be closing all cafes, houses, retail, and cancelling events. So take a flask and a sandwich.

There is no commercial drive behind this, it will cost the charity a significant loss in income – but we acknowledge mental health and wellbeing at this time is the priority.  
Also, the National Parks are free and always open. 

Stay at home as much as you can, but when you need it – nature is there for you and free’

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