Responses to the current situation

Covid Chaos and the Current Situation

Governments have likened the current situation with Coronavirus to wartime. During wars, people within their communities naturally tend to come together, strengthen their relationships and support each other. Evidence of this beginning to happen is everywhere, seen via social and mainstream media. This is great and should be encouraged! Bring back the best part of days gone by!

We have seen stories in countries across the world of people selfishly, but understandably, buying up vast quantities of toilet roll and pasta, leaving the shelves empty and nothing for others in their communities. This is because in times of unprecedented crisis, people’s natural survival instinct will kick in and their priority will be to make sure they and those in their closest inner circle (usually their immediate family) are looked after. However, this kind of behaviour does not benefit our neighbourhoods, our wider local communities or our wider society as it unbalances supply chains and causes a contagion of anxiety, if not fear and panic.

The solution to this must surely be fostering a greater sense of community, trust and kindness – caring about more people than just our immediate circle.

With this in mind, Start With The Street! has provided a model for a consistent, unified and focussed approach on a large (hopefully global) scale to bring about mutual support within local neighbourhoods. This is essential, given that it is quite possible that 80% of us will ultimately be affected by the virus. 

The simplicity and small scale approach, combined with the way we are all interconnected across the globe via the grass roots of social media should enable the concept to spread as quickly as the biological virus, in an effort to some extent mitigate the damage and calm the havoc it is creating.

In his opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 on 16th March, the World Health Organisation Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated:

This is the defining global health crisis of our time. The days, weeks and months ahead will be a test of our resolve, a test of our trust in science, and a test of solidarity. Crises like this tend to bring out the best and worst in humanity. Like me, I’m sure you have been touched by the videos of people applauding health workers from their balconies, or the stories of people offering to do grocery shopping for older people in their community.

This amazing spirit of human solidarity must become even more infectious than the virus itself. Although we may have to be physically apart from each other for a while, we can come together in ways we never have before. We’re all in this together. And we can only succeed together. So the rule of the game is: together. Thank you. 

This is exactly the Vision and Mission of Start With The Street – and here is our model for how it can be realised…