Feel inspired! How to support your neighbours.

How neighbours have been helping each other

Here are some ideas to inspire you; what people on other Start With The Street! groups have been doing for each other to help those who are in self isolation…

  • Distributing flyers to the rest of the street to include them in the group and to identify those on the street who are elderly, vulnerable or living alone
  • Dropping odd items on each other’s doorsteps, eg, milk, bananas, paracetamol, masking tape
  • Picking up shopping
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Offering to pick up compost and fertiliser for neighbours while they are at the garden centre
  • Offering to take a neighbour’s car/ motorbike for its MOT
  • Sharing childcare
  • Walking their neighbour’s dog
  • Small DIY for elderly people eg changing lightbulbs etc
  • Posting green and red pieces of paper to the houses on the street which neighbours put up in their windows – green if they are fine, red if they need help
  • Sharing books
  • Suggesting films they’ve enjoyed
  • Organising a virtual book club
  • Organising remote group meditations
  • Recipe exchange (recipes using tinned foods especially welcome!)
  • Sharing skills through video – yoga, meditation, children’s activities – Zoom is a good app for groups for this
  • Organising socially distanced walks in the park to meet and get to know their neighbours better
  • Organising a ‘Street Sing’ – opening their front doors at a set time and singing together
  • Members of a local band in the same household offering to open their front windows to do a performance for the street to hear
  • Talking about organising a street party after all this is over

… and much, much more …

Please share what you and your neighbours have been doing for each other by emailing us at startwiththestreet@gmail.com