What people are saying…

How people are feeling about connecting with their neighbours as part of Start With The Street!

Virus aside, I think it’s quite nice to actually meet more people living on our street (even if it is only on the internet!) We’ve been here since 2014 and we only really know our immediate neighbours. Hopefully we can get used to the quarantine and make the most of being able to exercise outside at moment!

Loz, Bristol, UK

It’s such a massive silver lining isn’t it? So heartwarming. I’ve told so many people about our street WhatsApp group!

Sarah, Bristol, UK

Hey glad to meet you all here and let’s support each other and create kindness in these interesting times

Suzanne, Bristol, UK

Yes definitely nice to know we’re all just up and down the road from each other. Maybe we can have a street party when we get the all clear?

Lizzie, Bristol, UK

Welcome new folk! We now have 27 participants. We are talking about a street sing tomorrow, say 4.00pm, open front doors and sing together! Any suggestions for songs we all know?

Maggie, Bristol, UK

Hi everyone! So great that this group has been set up – thanks! Totally keen to help anyone who needs and lovely to be in touch. Enjoy the sun today everyone!

Claire, Bristol, UK