What’s this about?

The Vision

#StartWithTheStreet is a movement to strengthen the communities at a micro scale all over the world, street by street. Not only for this current challenging time – to offer and receive support, as we inevitably will need to over the coming months, – but in general to build our relationships with the people living only metres away from us. Because… that’s a good thing – right? 

The aim is to take care of the older and more vulnerable people on our street, have some fun and bantering between neighbours, share and swap items, services and ideas, offer a friendly phone call to someone on their own, childcare, dog walking, pick up shopping, prescriptions, urgent items, post mail, suggest ideas to relieve  #SelfIsolation  and  #SchoolIsCancelledBoredom   and whatever other acts of kindness you and your neighbours can dream up. Why not even organise yourselves a street party, once you have got to know your neighbours a bit better (and it’s safe to get together face to face again)!

The Concept

The idea is simple: If you are on WhatsApp (or another networking platform popular in your community), create a group – for step by step instructions click here – for your street on which you can connect, chat, share your photos and house numbers and items or services with each other, and offer or ask for help. Generally get to know each other! Add your neighbours that you already know and trust and who live on your road, and make them an admin so they can add others. Once you have a few people, share the printing and distributing down your street of the generic flyer provided on this website, so that your neighbours that you don’t have phone numbers for can get in contact with you, and be added to the group, or at least make themselves known to the rest of their neighbours if they are not online.

The Mission

By connecting with each other at a community level, we can make a tangible difference in each other’s lives. Doing this on a micro, street by street level is simple, manageable and fosters trust. 

The aim is to spread this idea far and wide! Once your group on your street is thriving, message a friend or family member, tell them about the idea and point them to this website. Or make it even easier for them by creating a group with their street name, adding the group description and then adding them as admin. #SpreadTheLove  #ThinkGlobalActLocal